Solderless Terminals Catalog

Solderless Terminals Catalog PagesDL
Solderless Terminals CatalogALLPDF
Contents / Catalog Numbers Naming Conventions Terminals 1~3PDF
Non-Insulated TerminalsRing Tongue (R Type)4~6PDF
Flat Tongue with 2 Holes(Round shaped)(RD Type)7PDF
Flat Tongue with 2 Holes(Square shaped)(D Type)7
Spade Tongue (VD Type)8PDF
Circuit Breaker(CB Type)8
Non-Insulated Splices Butt Splices (B Type) 9PDF
Parallel Splices (P Type) 9
Closed-End Connectors(CE Type)10~11PDF
Compression Terminals(C Type)13~15PDF
Crimping Tools16PDF
Wire Size Cross Reference Table17PDF
Standardized Products of Formerly Japanese National Railways and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation18PDF