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Introduction / Contents 0~1 PDF
Wire Processing Availability Chart for NAC-1000 Series models 2~5 PDF
Features for NAC-1000 Series models 6~7 PDF
Options available for NAC Series models 8~9 PDF
Fully - Automatic Wire Processing Machines Both-end Crimping NAC-1000 10 PDF
Both-end Crimping - One-end Seal Insertion, Crimping NAC-1000W 11 PDF
Both-end Crimping and Both-end Seal Insertion & Crimping NAC-1000WⅡ 12 PDF
Both-end Crimping, one-end Seal Insertion & Crimping, One-end Soldering NAC-1000WH 13 PDF
Both-end Crimping and One-end Soldering NAC-1000HN 14 PDF
Both-end crimping, one-end soldering, and one-end forming NAC-1000HNF 15 PDF
Semi-Automatic Wire Seal Insertion Machine Wire seal insertion for double conductor sealed cables RISM-200 16 PDF
Wire Seal Insertion & Stripping Machine SIS-1 17 PDF
Wire Seal Insertion & Stripping Machine
(specially designed for thick wires)
Semi-Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine For terminal crimping (2 tons) ACM-20 18 PDF
ACM-20 Docking Unit Wire Stripping and Conveying Unit STU-7 19 PDF
Double Wire Stripping and Conveying Unit STU-1
For joint terminal crimping (2 Tons) ACM-20J 20 PDF
For thick wire terminal crimping (4 Tons) ACM-40i 21 PDF
ACM-20/20J Options Applicator Attachments and Manufacturers Cross Reference Table Ram adaptor
Die base
22 PDF
Applicator For ACM-20/ACM-20J E-type、S-type、J-type、FA-type 23~25 PDF
For ACM-40i 4E-type、4S-type、4J-type
Applicators applicable to other manufacturers' crimping machines EA-01-type、SA-01/02-type
Index(List of Crimping Machines) 26~27 PDF