Policy Regarding Protection of Personal Information

Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) sets the following policy for personal information protection and observes with regard to handling of personal information obtained via this website or websites linked to this website.

Handling of Personal Information

Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd. prescribes the following with regard to handling of customer personal information. The company recognizes the importance of customer personal information, and undertakes the following to provide better quality products and services and to protect customer personal information.

  1. Observance of Laws

    Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd. complies with laws for protecting personal information, and other related ordinances, industry rules and other guidelines and the like.
  2. Company Structure

    Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd. sets down company regulations and necessary rules regarding the handling and management of personal information, and carries out appropriate communication and educational activities aimed at both executives and employees.
  3. Acquisition of Personal Information

    Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd. gathers personal information using methods that are lawful and fair. The company does not use any improper methods to gather information.
  4. Use of Personal Information

    Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd. makes use of customers' personal information for the following purposes.
    • For the provision of information, having obtained prior consent, to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the information-gathering purposes in the previous section.
    • For survey analysis, such as sales and marketing activities involving mail, telephone and e-mail to provide products, information and services, as well as survey analysis for product development.
  5. Monitoring of Outsourcers

    Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd. may in some cases outsource the handling of personal information to outsourcers. Such outsourcers are required to strictly control the personal information they handle, and are closely monitored by Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd.
  6. Use of Cookies

    In order to improve the user-friendliness of Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd.'s website for customers who visit it, 'cookies' are created in their computers, and the company may in some cases access them. However, there is no invasion of customers' privacy since this cookie data is used only for marketing analysis of this website and the provision of various kinds of services.
  7. Indemnification

    Although Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd.'s website includes a number of links to websites of third parties, the company incurs no responsibility whatsoever regarding these other websites.
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