Quality Policy & Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

In order to achieve social significance of the Corporate Philosophy "Connecting for Global Vitality <ACTIVER>", Nippon Tanshi actively develops and sells terminals, connectors and other products ensuring customer satisfaction and supplies products offering "high customer value" to all domestic and foreign industries under the fundamental principle "Quality First for Customer's Trust".

  1. Customer satisfaction Our company strives to supply and develop products targeting the ever-changing market along with customers’ needs, and aims at "Based on Quality First, Earning Trust of Customers" to enhance customer satisfaction.
  2. Continual improvement of work Our company ensures stable quality at the product design and manufacturing process design stages and works on continual improvement by supplying products that conform to the specific requirements and by evaluating the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  3. Improvement of competitiveness Each of our employees strives to improve quality, cost and delivery time and aims to make our company more competitive and quick to respond to the world around us.
  4. Education of employees In order to encourage our employees to be aware of his/her responsibility as a professional, our company strives to cultivate human resources and to facilitate on-the-job-training to develop their knowledge and awareness in order to achieve their full potential.

April 1, 2021
Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Jiro Kono

Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Nippon Tanshi’s activities are undertaken with the preservation of the world's environment in mind in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities for minimizing global warming and creating a green society.
The company aims to achieve harmony with the environment in order to minimize any negative impact by conducting its business activities of designing, developing, manufacturing and selling terminals and connectors using metals and plastics as the primary materials.

  1. Environmental control system

    Our company promotes global environment preservation activities by locating any specific impact to the environment based on our organizational framework to ensure our environmental policy is upheld.

  2. Continual improvement and contamination prevention

    Our company develops and maintains an environment management system as well as conducting regular internal audits and management reviews for continuous improvement. We aim to reduce our environmental burden and prevent contamination by acknowledging and evaluating our influence on the environment.

  3. Compliance with laws, regulations and other requirements

    Our company complies with environment-related laws and regulations.
    We also comply with environment-related customer requirements and aims for green procurement.

  4. Challenge to meet our environmental targets

    Our company establishes and carries out goals and objectives that reflect our business activities and provide a framework to periodically review them.

    1. 1) Environmentally-friendly design and development (compact size, easy replacement, lead free, etc.)
    2. 2) Resource saving and waste reduction by recycling and reuse
    3. 3) Energy saving

April 1, 2021
Nippon Tanshi Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Jiro Kono