Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy sets out standards for each member of the Nippon Tanshi Group to follow,
and indicates our desire to offer value to people everywhere.

ACTIVATE Connecting the world to energize people and lifestyles worldwide

Activate. This word is our guide, prompting us to offer the potential of action to others, and facilitate the action of equipment and devices.

Nippon Tanshi's connector business brings different technologies together, and this helps bring people, companies, regions and countries together. Our connectors and other products facilitate the flow of energy, helping to energize the world. These are some of the thoughts inspiring our corporate philosophy.

Taking innovative connection technology to the next level. That's how we create new value that meets customers' ideals and developers' ambitions, while bringing greater vitality to people who use our products. We connect technologies, people, companies and communities, and link all these to environmental protection, desiring to take life to a higher level of activation.

These are the ideals we instill in our employees, as they take responsibility for their work, performing meaningful tasks that help shape the future and the world.

Our connector business contributes to a more exciting future, worldwide.

Action Guidelines

Guidelines for our employees

  1. (1)Aim for customer satisfaction.
    As customers keep adapting to changes in the business environment, we offer them optimum solutions in quality, development, price and delivery times, helping them raise the value of their own products. Customer satisfaction comes first. That's how we can be their best partner.
  2. (2)Be sincere, and put others first.
    When coming to a decision, the most important thing is the human element. Sincerity and putting customers and others first means earnestly considering how to help. Build trust. Help other employees have this attitude.
  3. (3) Be thorough.
    Work toward achieving things that don't exist yet, things that are thought to be impossible. Be resolute in finding solutions to challenges. Seize the potential that comes from being thorough and going the extra mile. That is how to satisfy customer needs.
  4. (4) Be professional and diligent.
    Each employee is a professional, producing quality. And through that quality comes improvements in everyday life, as well as advantages for our customers and employees. To remain a professional, employees need to keep honing their skills, day after day.
  5. (5) Be energetic and quick.
    Keep abreast of information, which changes continuously. Be prepared to use that information to act at the optimum moment. Remain aware of the need for speed, and be ready to act at a moment's notice.